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WholeMan Subscription

WholeMan Subscription

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Introducing the WholeMan Subscription by MNLY

Precision Personal Performance. A comprehensive solution for dynamic health optimization. Crafted with precision and personalization at its core, WholeMan is your partner in achieving peak physical and mental performance.

What's Included in Your Subscription:

1 x MNLY At-Home Blood Sample Kit: Utilize our advanced kit to measure 19 crucial biomarkers, from hormone levels to kidney function, providing a detailed overview of your biological health.
Monthly MNLY Platform Access: Dive into personalized health insights and receive a bespoke health plan tailored to your unique needs, crafted by a team of specialists in men’s health, neuroscience, and performance optimization.
30-Day Supply of Precision Packs: Receive a monthly delivery of custom-formulated supplements. Each pack contains a day and night dose of micronutrients, amino acids, extracts, vitamins, and minerals, designed specifically for you based on ongoing biological and environmental analysis.

Key Features of the WholeMan Subscription:

Tailored Health Protocols: Each plan considers over 100 individual health metrics to craft strategies that are as unique as you are. Track your progress, adjust your health protocols through the MNLY app.
Precision Supplement Packs: AI-driven formulations ensure that you receive the exact nutrients you need, precisely when you need them, delivered to your door every month.
Dynamic Health Optimization: MNLY technology adapts your health strategies in real-time, ensuring that your path to wellness evolves with you.

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