The MNLY collective: Dragon - The next viral content strategy with creative genius Jeff Castillio

The MNLY collective: Dragon - The next viral content strategy with creative genius Jeff Castillio

This Months collective call there was some powerful takeaways from CEO Luke Hartelust as he shared some key elements to his success in business and life so far:

“I want to kick this call off by discussing belief and cultivating a belief system around your past and present that can exponentially alter your future. Now to give you some context on why I'm discussing this topic it's been the cornerstone of everything I've achieved to date:

In 2016 I relocated to California from Australia, I had never visited the US prior to the decision and I did not know one single soul in the country.

I spent the previous 5 years working in the australian resources sector, underground diamond drilling, surface blasting and just before making the leap to the US I was 500KM off the west coast of australia working as a roughneck on an oil rig doing 28 days on and 28 days off.

I had one failing business in Thailand and decided to reinvent myself. I connected with the F45 franchise and took the concept to southern california with my business partner.

2 young lads with a dream to own and operate a large portfolio of fitness franchises and no idea how to do it, we just had the grit to see it through. We ended up opening a new location in a different city every year and in q1 2022 we got acquired and had our first successful exit.

During my time growing and operating in the F45 portfolio I learnt to fail fast, and fail forward. I learnt to develop teams, hire fast and fire faster. I developed a skill for business strategy and strategic relationship development. We had many highs and many lows, we even had the pandemic which sent a lot of the industry into bankruptcy. But the one thing that did not change since the day that I landed was my mindset.

Through the adversity I remained.Focused, clear on the vision, undoubtful in my ability to learn and accomplish that vision which was the exit we achieved earlier this year.

That journey and achievement all started with belief and the guts to pursue a dream.

You need to really truly authentically believe in yourself, in your ability to execute and most importantly believe in the thing that you're working on or striving for.  And you can do that by using a system to cultivate belief.

It's the compounding effect of all the wins you've had in the past, no matter the size or how significant they are to your current position. Each one of those achievements you were at one stage uncomfortable, green and still figuring it out.

All the failures, big small however significant - those are all one percenters where you failed, adapted, overcame and moved forward.

The difference is your ability to reflect and leverage that past wins and failures that instills that belief in your capabilities and that allows you to push yourself into uncomfortable positions that are ultimately going to lead to more success.

The second part of the equation is to identify where you have a growth mindset - because if your in this group you definitely already have in some areas a growth mindset but also identifying where you have a fixed and most of us don't realize we are fixed in some areas and its not until you begin to work through that, that you will be able to elevate yourself further and achieve the level of success you want to achieve.

In terms of growth or fixed mindset there are really 5 key characteristics to look for when you're making decisions, when your faced with opportunities or most importantly when you're setting goals for your business and or life: 

Do you:

  1. You avoid challenges 
  2. You give up easily 
  3. Can't be bothered
  4. Ignore constructive or negative feedback
  5. The biggest I believe is feeling threatened by other people's success


When you have a  growth mindset you tend to have these characteristic and beliefs:

  1. They look at failure as an opportunity to grow
  2. They know they can learn anything they need in order to accomplish their goal
  3. They lean into challenges because they understand that growth is on the other side of adversity.
  4. They take on all forms of feedback, negative or positive.
  5. When their circle is winning it motivates them, they're genuinely happy for their friends' success and contribute to that level of success.

That directly correlates to what we are doing here: As always the goal here is to develop strategic relationships where we can all support each other's endeavors - weather it's through a business connection, an investment opportunity, a knowledge source or just helping to promote your boys new company we are here to build and support.

So as always I invite you boys to lean on the collective, lean on each of these individuals here to support your projects, to refer to your business, to refer to each other's business and to provide as much value to the group as possible because I guarantee when you do it will be reciprocated and that's at the core of what we are doing here.

We are connecting through the MANLY brand which is a statement to your commitment to becoming the most powerful version of yourself and we are building a network where we can grow, connect and collaborate.”



This month's collective call guest speaker is a Futurist, Tech Entrepreneur, Investor, TV Host, Content strategist, award winning Filmmaker and Creative Genius. He spent the last 20 years in the field of Tech, Digital Media, Mass Communications and Marketing. Where he has focused on building brands, personal brands, creating digital content, and innovating content distribution strategies for Content Creators on emerging social media platforms. 

The man from Chicago and a very good friend Jeff aka Digital Jeff!

“All right. So the objective for today is to widen the horizon and change your perspective on how you look at content distribution channels for your personal brand. So traditionally content strategy that came out in 2016, Gary V came up with this content model for your personal brand, where you would do one long form piece of content, right?

And with that one piece of content, you would create 30 pieces of content. So for example, you would do a blog or a speech or a podcast. Then from there you would go on to cut that podcast into 30 pieces and it would go into your eight different channels.

You would create your long form one hour, and then you would distribute it into micro pieces one minute 3o second short pieces of content. So from one, you would create 30, which at the time was breakthrough. When people started applying it, it actually did work. Even if you do it today, it does work. 

There's only 12 channels that you have max, that's it. And that's why this content strategy model sucks. Because in order for you to get another 12 pieces of content out, you gotta read, go through the whole cycle of creating another piece of pillar content, cutting it up again.

However there's another solution.

There are two reasons why TikTok is crushing. One, they had a tech feature that had not been introduced into any platform. And the second one, it had an algorithm that favored good content. 

However you go on TikTok right now and you try to do what was happening in the year 2020 you're kind of a little bit late. You gotta be really good at creating content to get to go viral.

When you think about content moving forward, how do I increase the number of distribution channels without creating more content? That's the magic question and when we can answer that question, then we're onto something and we can scale our content, like never before. 

This is groundbreaking because this feature that TikTok introduced to these platforms where it allows somebody's audio to be reused on your videos gives the power back to the creators to be able to scale their content.

Essentially allowing other people to generate content using what's called your own original content. What I’m suggesting is to focus on voice. When you're writing scripts, make sure you write scripts that are quick, easy, to the point and you don't waste any time. 

And the reason we call this dragon is because the idea is to spit fire. You're spitting fire for five or seven seconds uploading that as a video with any kind of B-roll that resonates with the words.

That's the power of voice right now and that's the new way to distribute content at scale.

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